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iPhone 7 in the first test : So far resembled the release pattern of new iPhone models a precision movement: In each new design, a "tick", followed 12 months later its refined "S" version as "Tock" - and all that just around the start cycle next year from the front to let. But in 2016, everything is different.

A new year, a new iPhone. But instead of 2016, the improved "S" -Modellvariante the iPhone 6 to follow a fundamentally new design, we improved this year simply again the design base of the iPhone 6 and called the refined version still iPhone 7 . This suggests larger changes than Apple it in actually to offer the finished product - that still has to be bad, demonstrates our test.

The iPhone 7 plugs away

The in practice perhaps most important innovation: The inner workings of the iPhone 7 will be better protected against environmental influences. And the signed and sealed, Apple's new smartphone carries the certification IP67. The iPhone 7 is therefore dustproof and protected against temporary immersion in water - and at a maximum water depth of one meter containing up to half an hour. Translated into practice, this means that a mishap such as a fallen into the sink iPhone or situations carry such a fast snapshot in the pouring rain is no longer a risk of total loss in itself. The guarantee losses are not covered by water penetration, but in our test results arouse enough confidence: Neither a bath in a glass of water, even a throw in the bathtub could the new iPhone touch you. Charging immediately after such Planschpartie but is taboo: Apple recommends a five-hour wait to rule out problems with residual moisture in the Lightning connector.
improved camera and display

When iPhone 6 and 6s the antenna strips of plastic were considered Design Schnitzer when iPhone 7 this fall, thanks to changes in position less visible. In addition, the new iPhone against splash water and dust-proof.

Improved Camera and Display

The iPhone is the most popular "always and everywhere" camera. In iPhone 7 Camera was thereby again improved. More or more pixels on the sensor you are looking for but in vain.The fact that the images are still superior to that of an iPhone 6s, explained primarily from the wider range of colors, the iPhone can capture. 7 Even in difficult lighting situations scores the iPhone 7 thanks to its appearance with larger aperture of f / 1.8 and formerly the Plus models reserved optical image stabilization. The selfie camera on the front, however, was quite classic improved mainly by raising the resolution on now 7 MP. Even when lightning Apple moves along the lines of "much brings much": With now four instead of the previous two LED elements he has become more efficient, a new Flicker sensor improves the appearance of color in artificial light.

At the other end of the camera, an improved display is ready for the photos. The new Retina screen dissolves just as high as on the previous model, but can represent a wider color gamut. To this end, it supports the commonly used in digital cinema projection DCI-P3 instead of as previously the smaller sRGB color space. In addition, the display of the iPhone 7 shines much brighter than it was even when iPhone 6s the case, it can be seen better in bright sunlight.


Also in 2016, the Plus model primarily mainly another iPhone with a much larger screen again. While formerly the Plus model reserved image stabilization is now also found in the "small" model, is in the iPhone 7 Plus now a dual camera system as a further distinguishing feature. It combines wide angle and telephoto lens and can AI-supported even simulate bokeh. A test of the iPhone 7 Plus with focus on its advanced camera capabilities we will submit as soon as possible.

iPhone 7 aka "higher, faster, further"

Each new generation iPhone will bring more computing power with them. With the A10 Fusion is in the iPhone 7 for this first time a quad-core processor, the number of cores has been doubled compared to the A9 chip of the iPhone 6s. Benchmarks prove promptly delivers significant performance gains which in practice and in direct comparison with an iPhone 6s is felt beyond abstract numbers: Apps launch faster calculations are spacious vonstatten, elaborate games run more smoothly. On paper, the iPhone even the iPad Pro proposes 7 in terms of performance with A9X processor.

Clever is that only two of the four cores of the A10 chips run potentially under full steam. The other two cores, however take care of less complex tasks and consume this much less energy. The combination of efficient chip inner life with a battery of somewhat higher capacity results in practice in a moderate increase in duration in the range of one to two hours. This also means that even the iPhone 7 has at the outlet usually late at night from the refueling.

The home button

Without any switches and buttons, the iPhone does not come out despite touchscreen. But it is only a matter of time until even here other solutions are found - like now the iPhone 7, at least for the home button. Although the home button still like as a key look, but the operation is that of the Force Touch trackpad of MacBooks: a pressure on the area of ​​the "button" does not solve any more mechanics and confirmatory feedback comes from the so-called Taptic Engine , one based on a linear drive module for haptic feedback. That feels on the first day in use getting used to because of the perceived "Clicking" not selectively carried out under the Button area but across the entire lower quarter of the iPhone away. By this, however, you get used to very quickly, the new home button is an appropriate and potentially verschleissärmerer substitute for a piece of art elderly.

Without headphone jack

Apple is known for rigorous cutting old braids. With the iPhone 7 is the analog headphone jack in a row around with floppy disk and CD drive. The included EarPods use consistently a Lightning connector to accommodate connection to the iPhone. Anyone wishing to use other headphones, to the in-box Lightning-to-minijack adapter operated. Significant differences in the sound quality we could hear neither the Lightning EarPods still above the adapter connected headphones such as the C5 Series 2 of B & W. While the sound quality is good, there are two relevant in everyday problems emerge: The charging of iPhones and simultaneously listening to music on headphones Close up without a 40 euro expensive, bulky and in any case not yet available adapter or dock today from. Moreover, it is in the Lightning connector to a proprietary connector - Headphone with Lightning connector are therefore their potential qualities because of the option to higher value digital / analog converter directly into the headphones an (expensive) island solution. Perhaps there are indeed wireless headphones the future - cordless EarPods named AirPods to be operational from the end of October. The price: 179 Euro.


Anything less than the best ever iPhone was not expected 2016th The new features compared to the iPhone 6s represent no revolution, are sure in practice but even more sense. So, the camera delivers about better pictures, a vice stoßenes glass of water or photos in the pouring rain is no longer a potential death sentence for the art and details such as stereo speakers, a welcome addition. On these points, Apple is catching up especially the resulting residue in recent months to Android competitors such as the Galaxy S7. Facing the competition Apple also had to simply not an offer more on new features or even innovations in order to survive with respect to the iPhone 6s once more improved iPhone 6 another year on the market. Not later than the 10th anniversary in 2017 but we expect more: The iPhone 8 must easily be the big hit. It is about nothing less than Apple's reputation as an innovator of an entire industry. Until then, it also does its best-ever all iPhones.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Vs Galaxy S7 Edge Vs iPhone 7 Plus - The Royal Rumble of Smartphones.

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The iPhone 7 is here! But what exactly there is the new Apple smartphone to love? We have summarized the first few days with the new device whose strengths.

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Samsung had to take 7 Android phablets from the market more than two million Galaxy Note. As was known now, the replacement units should continue to have problems with the battery. However, this should no longer explode now, but it is discharged within a short time.

Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explode

At least in some of the recall of the devices has been reached under pressure from consumer advocates. In addition, Samsung has classified more as "voluntary". However, in a part of the first device was a risk that the batteries explode during charging.
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Note 7 vs S7 Edge Vs iPhone 7 Plus Specs Comparison

Here’s a specs comparison of the iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge. With the iPhone 7 Plus having now been announced by Apple, there’s undoubtedly going to be a lot of confused consumers who simply don’t know whether to stick with what they know and go with Apple’s new device, or whether the best move would be to try something a little different and opt for one of Samsung’s 2016 flagship devices.
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More people are gaming on their phones than traditional gaming consoles. Whether they play high-end games like Call of Duty or simple casino games like mobile pokies or slots, certain smartphones are better designed for this purpose.

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Snapchat Announces ' $130 Spectacles', Sunglasses That Record 10 Seconds of Video at a Time

Snapchat has announced its first hardware product, a one-size-fits-all pair of sunglasses called Spectacles that can record 10 seconds of video at a time, reports The Wall Street Journal. The glasses will cost $130 and launch this fall in three colors: teal, black and coral. Video will sync wirelessly to a paired iPhone or other smartphone.